Welcome to the Ask About Medicines Website

The Ask About Medicines mission has been to achieve lasting change by working with partners to encourage better communication between people and their health professionals and change expectations so that asking questions about medicines becomes the norm. You can learn more about the campaign and what has been achieved by visiting the About AAM page.

Ask About Medicines has now closed and while there will be no further national, centrally-run Ask About Medicines Weeks or other campaigns this website and all the Ask About Medicines resources are still available for people to use in accordance with our guidelines.

After six years of activities and campaigns we have a wealth of resources to focused on improving communication about medicines. These resources and materials will continue to be made available for you to use and adapt on our Resources page. You are welcome to download and adapt these materials.

Central to the campaign have been the Ask About Medicines Questions, questions that people might like to consider asking a health professional when they are given a medicine. They are:

  • WHAT does this medicine do?
  • WHY is it important that I take this medicine? Are there any other treatment options?
  • WHEN and how should I take it?
  • HOW long should I take it for?
  • WHAT should I be aware of when taking this medicine? (eg. possible risks, side effects, taking medicines with certain foods/drinks/activities, what to do if I don't feel well while I am taking it, how to store it safely etc)
  • WHERE can I go for more information?

Check out the Awards for Excellence and Ask Grants pages where you will find some excellent examples of best practice in medicines information. Examples of activities undertaken as part of our annual Ask About Medicines Weeks can be found in the section called AAM Weeks.

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