This year's campaign materials

Posters: three designs available in 2 sizes: A4 and A3. These posters are also available in Welsh. You can download them to use for local events, and as promotional material.

Four different Action packs tailored for Community Pharmacists, Hospital Pharmacists, Primary Care Organisations and Voluntary Organisations. Packs include Press Release templates, Questions & Answers, Statistics, and Media Background Information. 

A new credit-card sized Fold-out Medicines Chart complete with the Ask About Your Medicines questions and backed with a medicines reminder chart for people to record information about their own medicines. These have been produced with sponsorship from the Department of Health.  The charts will be available ready packed in display/distribution boxes.  Each box holding 100 lcharts will be ready to open and place on counters, desks, patient information areas etc.  A sample copy will be sent to every signed-up partner in the week beginning 18th October.  We anticipate heavy demand, so order now to avoid disappointment.

Ordering information: Organisations in England can order as many boxes as they want, free of charge, by calling the Department of Health Publications Order Line on 08701 555 455 quoting reference 40585, faxing 01623 724 524 or emailing [email protected] (max 10 days' delivery time).  Lines are open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Organisations in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the Channel Islands can order one box each, following the same instructions. A Welsh language version can be ordered from Laura Fox on 029 208 262 39 or by email at [email protected].

Ask About Your Medicines Question Posters in other languages.  

A revised and updated edition of our popular Health and Medicines Information Guide and Directory, available on this site as downloadable interactive pdf  and also(Directory only) in interactive html format with active links to all websites listed.  A Welsh language version is also available.This publication has been produced in partnership with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.  It is a condition of inclusion in the Directory that information sources must make their interests clear to the reader at first point of contact. 

Hard copies:

  • all signed-up partners will receive one sample copy in the week beginning 18th October, followed by a box of 200 in week beginning 25th October. 
  • otherwise, you are advised to print out the pdf
  • for those without access to a printer, the booklet can be ordered by telephone on 020 7747 1446.   

A new guide, Ask About your Cancer Medicines, produced with CancerBACUP, with financial support from Roche.  This provides cancer patients with the questions they need to consider before they make informed decisions, and will be distributed to clinics and individuals. 

Meeting toolkits for Primary Care Organisations (and others) running regional meetings.  The content is relevant for any meetings about medicines, and has been designed to have a long usable life. 

Making complementary medicine work for you is a booklet published by Developing Patient Partnerships in support of Ask About Medicines Week.  You can go straight to this at the following link:

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