Ask About Medicines Week 2005
Theme and Messages

The theme for the week will build on the core brand by emphasising a clear, central message of Ask.
The key messages that will form the cornerstone of all communications reinforce the central theme of Ask. Ask About Medicines aims to encourage better communication between people and their healthcare professionals:

  • Asking questions enables people to make better informed choices about taking medicines
  • If people ask questions about medicines they are more likely to use them safely and effectively
  • We want to see more healthcare professionals encouraging people to ask questions about medicines and other options

We have updated the original Ask About Medicines questions and will now be using the following:

  • WHAT does this medicine do?
  • WHY is it important that I take this medicine? Are there any other treatment options?
  • WHEN and how should I take it?
  • HOW long should I take it for?
  • WHAT should I be aware of when taking this medicine? (eg. possible risks, side effects, taking medicines with certain foods/drinks/activities, what to do if I don't feel well while I am taking it, how to store it safely etc)
  • WHERE can I go for more information?

We will be promoting these questions and hope you will find them useful in any local campaigns you may be running during Ask About Medicines Week.

The new 2005 materials now available on this website are:

Materials that are currently in development include:

  • An updated Health and Medicines Information Guide and Directory
  • Materials for pharmacy to support AAMW as one of the public health campaigns



Ask About Medicines Safety

Ask About Medicines Week is a good time to highlight safe use of medicines. Ask About Medicines supports the Department of Health in their aim to:

  • Raise awareness amongst the general public of the importance of safe storage and possession of medicines in the home;
  • Reduce the number of incidents causing adverse outcomes because of inappropriate storage;
  • Ensure that all unwanted medicines are returned to a pharmacy for disposal; and

  • Reduce risks to public health and to the environment resulting from inappropriate disposal in the home.

In your Ask About Medicines Week activities we encourage you to promote the following messages:

All medicines have the potential to cause harm if not used appropriately or if used other than by the person for whom they are intended.

All medicines should be stored safely and securely.

Unwanted medicines should be returned to a community pharmacy or the dispensing doctor’s surgery for safe disposal because disposing of medicines at home could result in harm to the environment.


How to Sign up for AAMW 2005

If you would like to be a AAMW partner in 2005 and have not been a partner in previous years you will need to sign up by completing a registration form. If you were a partner in 2004 you will automatically become a partner in 2005

 Registration form

MHRA Supports AAMW
For more information on how the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) works to protect and promote health and patient safety by ensuring that medicines, healthcare products and medical equipment meet appropriate standards of safety, quality, performance and efficacy, go to the MHRA website
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