My Medicines
The My Medicines sheet was developed for AAMW 2007 as a fun and easy to use downloadable sheet for parents and health professional to fill in with children to help them understand more about the medicine they have been prescribed. The sheets can be used to focus on the particular medicines someone may be taking as as a way to remind both children and parents of the sort of questions they can ask about medicines.  Click here to download original version.

At the request of the Department of Health, this year we have had the original My Medicines sheet translated into ten langauges - the ten languages most commonly spoken by unaccompanied assylum seeking children. The sheets have been translated and tested with community members who speak the language and work with young people. While they are designed for young people they may also be useful when communitacting with non-English speakers about medicines.

You can download the My Medicines sheets in the following langauages: 

We have also, with the assistance of refugee and asylum seeking expert Cath Maffia, developed some Top Tips for communicating with asylum seeking or refugree children. Click here to download the Top Tips document

These worksheets have been reviewed by members of the community to check their appropriateness and accuracy. In some cases a word-for-word translation from the English version of the My Medicines sheet is not appropriate so alternatives have been included. Our aim has been to make these translations are as accurate as possible while appreciating that there may be cultural and language difficulties in communicating some of the concepts in the original My Medicines sheet.

Organisations are welcome to use the My Medicines blank template (available here) and produce their own translated versions of the sheet.
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