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Welcome to the Ask About Medicines Website
Ask About Medicines is the independent campaign to increase people's involvement in decisions about their use of medicines.  The Ask About Medicines mission is to achieve lasting change by working with partners to encourage better communication between people and their health professionals and change expectations so that asking questions about medicines becomes the norm.
Our campaign aims to enable people to ask the questions that will help them to make informed choices about medicine taking, including whether they want to take medicines at all.  We are funded through a mix of public, private and voluntary sector sources.  In addition to our annual Ask About Medicine Week in November each year, we keep the Ask message alive during the rest of the year through a range of other activities such as the Ask About Medicines Awards for Excellence and the Ask Grants.  You can read about our various activities on this website.
If this is your first visit to Ask About Medicines, we hope you enjoy learning about us and our campaign and that you will want to get involved in our work.  If you have worked with us before, we want to thank you for your support and for continuing to help make our campaign such a success.
Medicines and Mental Health Routefinder
Click here to access the Routefinder and access information for the public, carers and health professionals.
Ask About Medicines Week 2008
Ask About Medicines Week 2008 ran from 3rd-7th November.  Its focus was people with mental health problems; supporting them to ask questions about their medicines – both medicines for mental health problems and medicines for other conditions.

The campaign theme was Asking About Medicines If You Have A Mental Health Problem and targeted the public, carers and health professionals.

This was the sixth Ask About Medicines Week, and in each successive year since its launch in 2003 the enthusiasm and commitment of our partners from all sectors has demonstrated how important it is to patients, carers and the public to be able to ask for and get the information they want so that they can make informed decisions about whether to take medicines, and if so which ones.
What this site is for
This site provides up-to-date information on Ask About Medicines Week, as well as information on our resources and partners.  It also features a continually updated interactive version of our popular Ask About Medicines Information Directory, which offers guidance on finding health information and links you to further resources to meet your information needs.
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