Ask About Medicines Week Helpline

This year, during Ask About Medicines Week, there are even more ways that you can get advice and information about your medicines.


In addition to speaking to your GP or local pharmacist, there’s also an Ask About Medicines Week helpline for people living in England. You can call this confidential helpline (manned by NHS Direct staff)

on 0845 60 28 013 from Monday, 7th to Friday, 11th November 2005, between 9am and 5 pm each day. Health information professionals and pharmacists will be available to give you advice and information about your medicines. For example, you might have a query about the possible side effects of the medicines you are taking or want to find out more about any potential interactions between your medicines if you are taking more than one.


Patients and the public will also be able to access information about medicines from the NHS Direct Online website ( and the NHS Direct Interactive service on digital satellite TV.

In addition, advice on the safe storage, use and disposal of medicines is being added to the NHS Direct self-help guide, delivered to households in England, as part of the 2005/6 Thomson Local directory.

Advice on what to do if you run out of your medication over a weekend, bank holiday, or whilst you’re away from home, will also be included in the NHS Direct self-help guide.

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