Media Tool Kit


This tool kit provides a step-by-step guide to help you get publicity for your local Ask About Medicines Week activities.

By following the guidance provided in this tool kit and working as part of the local Ask About Medicines Week team you should be able to achieve some coverage in local newspapers, on radio and perhaps on TV.

The tool kit contains guidance on how to approach the local media and what information to provide them with. It provides tips on adapting template press materials to make them locally relevant, preparing spokespeople and case studies, and timing of media activities for best effect.

Click here to download the Local Media Campaign Tool Kit.

If you have experience working with the local media then you might like to use and adapt the following template materials (also included within the tool kit). Download individual template materials by clicking on the following links:

Press Release


Media Alert

Spokesperson Brief

Q&A Document

If you would like any more information or advice on PR activities email [email protected] or contact Jon Pike (Press Officer) on 020 8992 3296
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