Thank you for supporting Ask About  Medicines Week.  This year due to the high costs of print and distribution we are unable to provide much in the way of hard copy materials.  To help you run a successful campaign, however, we will be making everything you need available here to download and print.  Just click on the orange text to find out more about any of the materials below:
The Asking About Medicines As We Grow Up Lesson Pack - produced with the support of the National Pharmacy Association and the Department of Health - contains lesson plans and materials tailored for children and young people aged 5 - 14 years old (Key Stages 1 - 3) and complements the national curriculum.  The materials can be used by teachers, school nurses and local health professionals such as community pharmacists and practice nurses.
The Top Tips for Communicating with Teenagers will help you when talking with teenagers on health and medicines topics.  Developed with the help of Nicola Gray, Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice at the University of Nottingham, these 8 tips will help you to get the most out of your discussions with teenage patients and medicine users.
The My Medicines sheet is a fun and easy to use downloadable sheet for parents and health professional to fill in with children to help them understand more about the medicine they have been prescribed. Partners may like to print out copies of the sheet and make them available in a public place for medicine users or as a way to remind both children and parents of the sort of questions they can ask about medicines.
"Get Involved" Action Pack.  This pack includes information on how to access the necessary resources to organise a successful Ask About Medicines Week, tips on how to gain media and PR support and campaign experiences from those involved in previous Ask About Medicines Weeks.
The Ask About Medicines PR Tool Kit includes template press materials, including useful facts and statistics, which you can use to raise awareness of your local Ask About Medicines Week activities with the local newspapers, TV and radio stations.  The resource includes step by step advice for partners who have limited experience of contacting the media.  Experienced partners or communications teams might like to adapt our template press materials or use the statistics/facts about medicines and young people in their own materials.
Four eye-catching posters have been designed for Ask About Medicines Week 2007.  These are available to download and print in an A4 and A3 format and may be used for your local events or promotional material.
Credit -card sized Fold-out Medicines Charts will again be available for the 2007 campaign. Produced with sponsorship from the Department of Health.  The charts come complete with Ask About Your Medicines questions and a medicines reminder chart for people to record information about their own medicines.
Ask About Your Lymphoma Medicines leaflet is now available.  Produced in partnership with the Lymphoma Association this leaflet is designed to provide lymphoma patients with questions they may find helpful in reaching informed decisions about their use of medicines.
Our booklet, Ask About Your Diabetes Medicines contains questions that people might want to ask healthcare professionals involved in their treatment throughout their diagnosis and treatment path.
Finding and Using Information about Health and Medicines - a guide for patients, medicine users are carers.  Packed with useful advice on how to find, judge the quality of and make best use of information about health and medicines.
The announcement of any new materials added to the website are issued via email in our regular e-bulletins.  If you do not already receive e-bulletins please fill in the form on the Contact page including 'sign up for e-bulletin' in the comment box.  Please don't forget to include your email address.



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