Ask About Medicines Week 2007
This will be the fifth national Ask About Medicines Week and will run from 5 to 9 November 2007. Ask About Medicines Week provides a focus for publicity and activities, and launches a year of work to promote the chosen theme- this year, Asking About Medicines As We Grow Up.
We have some exciting initiatives planned for this year targeting children and young people.
The theme of Asking About Medicines As We Grow Up will form the cornerstone of all communications, supported by key messages aimed at children and young people, and messages aimed at health professionals and parents. The key messages for this year’s campaign are:
Children & Young People:
  • Knowing more about medicines helps you safely take control of your health
  • There are always people you can turn to for help and support with your medicines
  • Ask about medicines
Healthcare Professionals & Parents:
  • Knowing more about medicines helps children and young people safely take control of their health
  • Health professionals and parents need to help children and young people to understand their medicines
  • Ask children and young people what they want to know about their medicines 
Our key messages are also supported by a campaign message which explains about Ask About Medicines:
Ask About Medicines is the independent campaign to increase people’s involvement in decisions about their use of medicines
For more details on the campaign, what is planned nationally and how you can get involved at a local level download our "Get Involved" Action Pack , PR Toolkit and other materials  from here.   These resources will provide you with all you need to know about the campaign.
Further materials to support your campaign will be available over the next few weeks. If you haven’t already signed up to receive our E-bulletins you can do so by filling in a contact form and adding 'sign up for e-bulletin' in the comment box click here. Please don't forget to include your email address.  E-bulletins will alert you when new materials are available on the site for you to use in your campaign.
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