Practical Tools
My Medicines Sheets
The My Medicines sheet was developed for AAMW 2007 as a fun and easy to use downloadable sheet for parents and health professional to fill in with children to help them understand more about the medicine they have been prescribed. The sheets can be used to focus on the particular medicines someone may be taking as as a way to remind both children and parents of the sort of questions they can ask about medicines.
At the request of the Department of Health, this year we have had the original My Medicines sheet translated into ten langauges - the ten languages most commonly spoken by unaccompanied assylum seeking children.  Click here for further information.

Lesson Pack

As We Grow Up lesson pack

The Asking About Medicines As We Grow Up Lesson Pack
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The Asking About Medicines As We Grow Up Lesson Pack was produced with the support of the National Pharmacy Association and the Department of Health. It contains lesson plans and materials tailored for children and young people aged 5 - 14 years old (Key Stages 1 - 3) and complements the national curriculum.

Guide and Directory
The Health & Medicines Information Directory is linked to a booklet called 'Finding and Using Information About Health and Medicines'.  To use this on-line resource or download a copy of the booklet please click here.

Fold Out Medicine Charts

These handy credit-card sized fold-out Medicine Charts were produced with sponsorship from the Department of Health, come complete with Ask About Your Medicines questions and a medicines reminder chart for people to record information about their own medicines.

No longer available in hard copy you can download a copy of the leaflet here or if you prefer just the chart is available to download here.

Does the Medicine Go Down?
This new resource was initiated by the Trent Workforce Development Confederation.
It is a resource which we believe has captured the spirit of working together with service users and health professionals to create a learning resource that;
  • is accessible to staff, learners and the public
  • brings together the perspectives of both staff and service users
  • highlights the need for partnership – of both staff and service users having responsibilities and equipping people to better engage and be better engaged

The DVD could be used as a stand alone programme for health professionals or could form part of a more in-depth training session on concordance which will not only help patient and health professional communication but could improve health outcomes.  For more information and to see the DVD here.

Routefinder for Medicines and Mental Health
 The Medicines and Mental Health Routefinder is designed to help the public and health professionals to find reliable information on medicines and mental health.
To access this resource please click here.

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